Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 10.56.56 “I found the Level 1 Art of the Sensual Woman workshop a deeply nourishing and relaxing experience.To be so supported to connect to my true home and essence was a great gift, as was spending a full day with other glorious women.

As a mother of a young child it was particularly wonderful to have a whole day to really receive, and I have come away with a renewed sense of connection to myself, my womb and a gentle confidence in the rightness of what is unfolding in my life.Kalindi embodies the beauty and radiance of the deep feminine and I found her facilitation to be compassionate, authentic and clearly rooted in many years of experience and practice.” – Vanessa Hedley

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 10.27.31“On the train immediately after leaving todays beautiful workshop two separate people came up to me to tell me I was beautiful. That hasn’t happened to me for ages, and it was lovely – gifts of complients which didn’t make me feel analysed or as if these people had expectations for me(which is how i’d usually feel), just pure appreciation for the energy that you permitted me today to hold. Yay!! thank you so much! xxx” – Megan Mills

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 13.48.22“To those of you who do not know Kalindi Jordan her sensual presence is felt strongly in the light of her softness… I would say she would be artful at bringing out that inner true beauty in those women who feel it’s time to give space for that in their lives… ” – Ananta Kranti

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 10.31.20“Kalindi taught simple practices that I can easily build into my daily routine now I’m back home. Though simple, I found the practices to be immediately effective and I’m still finding the power in them to be subtle yet transformative in the way I relate to others as well as to my own body and being” – Cathi Pawson

Sandi D“Kalindi has a great strength yet gentleness & a presence that you feel both able to be yourself and feel free in.
She helps bring you to a space within yourself & you know you’re safe exploring that.
You learn a lot about yourself. She reminds you to come back to yourself in an easy step by step way. Spirituality at its best ” – Sandie Darling

Miri“The beautiful awareness practices that Kalindi teaches will take you into a soft, compassionate, grounded, safe and still space within. As women, our sense of our own safety and home within is an incredibly valuable way of being in relationship to ourselves. Kalindi holds a safe and nurturing space to slow down, reconnect with and explore our unique feminine essence and the issues that many women face personally and collectively” – Miranda Jay

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 14.32.44“An inspiring workshop full of amazingly simple and practically applicable mindfulness exercises! I felt transformed: when I got home on Sunday, my partner couldn’t believe that I snogged him for ages getting into the car and commented that I “walked with more confidence” and “should go on more of those workshops”. Amongst other useful lessons I learned was that what to a woman are the words “you are beautiful” to man is “I trust you”. When I tried it, this really seemed to touch my man deeply and he kept telling me what a beautiful woman I was, as if in response, all night. I also felt more at ease around children on my way home, the thought of having them normally freaks me out and I get stressed on the parents’ behalf, but Sunday in his overcrowded train I totally saw their beauty and “endearingness” like I never had before. Tuesday morning I psyched myself up for my Indian Head Massage exam with the womb meditation and the assessor said mine were “the best two treatments she had ever witnessed”.  Walking in my presence has also helped me gain confidence against a bully at work. Intrigued what next and am looking forward to more workshops!!! ”     – Sue Berger

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 14.46.06“I loved doing Kalindis course, meeting once a week with lovely women, connecting with my feminine essence, all the oxytocin released in the room… really lush evenings, very naturally and beautifully held. It was a great reminder that femininity and sensuality are more to do with what I feel inside than how I look from outside. I also love the reminder of connecting back into that feminine centre during my day…Thanks Kalindi” – Juliet Morgan

Screen Shot 2013-05-05 at 10.16.45“It feels like something is shifting since starting my work with you; something deep, something cellular.  It feels like residues of relationship victimhood that were hiding in my body have been dissolved effortlessly in the light of my empowerment, change of perspective.  An important, a VITAL part of that was being able to talk about stuff that had remained hidden, locked in a closet of shame, guilt, embarrassment.  Sharing in a loving, safe and non-judgemental environment was the key that allowed in that change of perspective and the empowerment. Sometimes just speaking it aloud was enough, sometimes your feedback, sometimes your tender touch, sometimes just managing to stay in my body rather than switching to the safety of my head and distractions ” – Heather Drummond

Deep presenceThe Art of Sensual Woman workshop under a gentle and mindful guidance of Kalindi was a blessing passed to me by a word of a mouth from my wonderful friend and multiplied by presence of my sisters who were visiting me in London at the time.

Kalindi is an intuitive and wise teacher who does not allow a dichotomy of body and soul (mind). She is practical, but yet all the exercises done were really uplifting and reassuring, showing that this type of knowledge is inherent and is waiting to be uncovered. The type of spirituality which is grounded, rooted and earthly. The strongest experience for me was practicing together with other women beautiful womb meditation. It took me to unexpected places, shifted my energy, gave me a good in-sight and a new perspective. Thank you for helping me to discover this place of inner nourishment and a potential for an outer expansion, Kalindi! (As well as deeper sources of a juicy pleasure and a burrial grounds of anxieties and fears.)

I completely agree with you that it was a lot of sharing in the learning, since other participants of the workshop were encouraged by you to bring up their wisdom and you allowed them to shine. You were very inspiring and made me want to explore and play further,shedding always more and more unnecessary worn out layers. Thank you for helping me to receive – Tereza


April  I am so glad that I followed my intuition to attend Kalindi’s workshop. I had been feeling really disconnected from my sexual energy. The workshop really helped me to reconnect with my womb space and to explore and nurture my divine feminine. I felt that Kalindi created a really safe space to honour the feminine and to connect with other women. I learnt some very practical tools which I have been able to integrate into my daily life and interactions with my partner. I look forward to exploring new levels with Kalindi in the future – April Runciman

Judith Morris

That night after your workshop I woke a couple of times as usual but each time I was conscious of that “cocoon” feeling that I reached after doing the heart/womb meditation.  I had the awareness of being swaddled in delicious warmth and love, I felt safe and peaceful.  Sometimes when I wake in the night my mind begins to race and it’s hard to get back to sleep, so this was wonderful.

Thank you for a wonderful day – Judith Morris

Deep presenceThe workshop helped me to see how I need to be more vulnerable and embrace my beautiful feminine self. I became aware of the way I guard myself and block off the energies to attract men in my life and deepen relationships.  I learnt through the workshop to connect with my body and begin to build a relationship with all of me. When I think of the workshop the only way I can describe it is to say it was an Awakening. I feel hopeful that my journey will continue and deepen as a women and a human being.Many  thanks YB x

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