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 ~ The next Sensual Mastery course starts March 2018 ~

The Ultimate Woman’s Journey to Sexual Confidence and Inspired Relationship

stages of butterflyThis journey is a dynamic, experiential exploration that will allow you to feel absolutely safe as a sexually confident, fulfilled and vibrant woman. It will be a roadmap for the unfolding of your own sensual ecstatic nature. We will be working within a supportive and clearly held group of no more than 12 women.

As women it is easy to fear sexual power, to get lost in how to navigate and use it wisely.  Disconnection from and misunderstanding of our sexual nature is a major cause of the lack of intimacy with ourselves and others. This disconnection can create numbness, not just in our bodies but in our creative expression too – so our ‘love affair’ with life is affected detrimentally as well.

A healthy relationship with ourselves is what creates the magnetic attraction to draw to us a positive, inspired partnership, so if you want to prepare to be met completely by another then this is the journey for you! By un-ravelling past patterns around intimacy, and healing sexual dis-harmony, you will be on track for meeting a truly conscious lover.
If you already have the partner and want to explore your feminine mysteries, organically awakening them to their full potential; if you want to deepen your intimacy and get the attention you secretly desire, this journey is for you, too!

I will guide you in how to use your sexual energy to stay healthy, vibrant, and be in connection with life (free-flowing, joyous sexual energy is one of the best rejuvenators on the planet! ).

Kalindi Jordan Couple on BenchThe journey will help to create confidence about your body image, as well as releasing pain stored in your physical and mental systems about who you are as a sexual being. You will come to understand what it really is to be a woman in these times, to differentiate between what is women’s collective experience and what is your personal experience; and with this knowledge, break and manage chaotic patterns such as emotional overwhelm and unhelpful outbursts of anger.

I am a strong believer in healthy boundaries, ones that do not push people away from us but that draw to us positive interaction in our work, home and social lives, that make it clear what our intentions are and give calm yet firm instructions to others about what we will and will not allow to enter the sacred space of our being. So this is an important component of the work I do.

I am really excited to be leading you through this programme and trust that this will transform your sexual story.

This is a journey to becoming a deeper, wiser, fun-loving, sensually and sexually alive woman!

Kalindi small faceWant to join me?

Kalindi x




What the Course Includes

3 Deep Diving” weekend retreats

These weekends are Saturday 10am to 8pm and Sunday 10am to 5pm. All weekends are non residential. The Training is taking place at Nature’s Retreat Centre, Butleigh BA6 8SJ

The weekends are spread over 3 months.

Sensual Mastery dates

Saturday 24th March and Sunday 25th March

Saturday 28th April and Sunday 29th April

Saturday 26th May and Sunday 27th May

Monthly group webinar – 6 x 90 minutes

These are times along the journey where we can discuss topics that you as a group would like to cover. The webinars also enable you to connect with each others’ progress and to look at what is starting to open in your body. Themes we will cover:- dating, sexuality, sensuality and intimacy as well as individual concerns.

3 x three hour one-to-one private sessions

These sessions begin from wherever you are in your current situation and take you in whatever direction you wish to go. I use powerful and effective practices from a variety of therapeutic modalities and spiritual traditions including intimacy coaching, breath work and Tantric de-armouring to open and awaken your body.

Course workbook


Videos and MP3 recordings


Sensual equipment!


Free ticket for you to attend a Sensual Woman day workshop


Free ticket for a friend to attend a Sensual Woman day workshop


Reduction in extra 1 to 1 sessions


Reductions on other Sensual Woman training days

Attend one of my one day Sensual Woman workshops in 2017 for free and thereafter pay only half price per day – these deeply anchor and support your deepening and unfolding.

Dedicated peer group

I will set up a private support network on Facebook where you can share your experiences and feelings, ask questions and generally support each other along the journey.


What will you need?

You will need to make a commitment to the journey, as I will be giving you daily practices that once integrated will become a strong foundation on which further layers of techniques will be added throughout the 5 months.

Also important is a willingness to keep coming back to loving and respecting yourself, whatever may arise.

How does it flow?

We will meet for 3 weekends,

Saturday 10am to 8pm and Sunday 10am to 5pm.


Early bird price is £1175 if a deposit of £150 is paid before January 31st 2017. The full price is £1400 after the early bird date. There are instalment plans available.

What to do now?

Follow this LINK to the booking form or follow this LINK to arrange a free 30 minute consultation.

What we will Explore

We are nature






Sexual energy as a healing art – You will develop a deep understanding of what sexual energy is and how it can super-charge your life. Awakening a deliciously devotional connection with life, ourselves and others. keeping you juicy, vibrant, healthy and in mental clarity.

Exploring your rhythms – do you really listen, watch and know yourself as deeply as you can? What would happen if you did? Could you use that wisdom to navigate your live differently? If so what would that look like for you?

Natural magnetism – becoming ready for and bringing into your life a love match that complements your being’s journey of awakening to deeper layers of love. If already with a partner, enhancing your magnetic polarization so that you ignite a deeper experience of connection.

Somatic Wisdom – knowledge with embodied understanding creates wisdom. So we will be travelling deeper into our body, how it works physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically.

Unwinding your sexual story – no matter what has happened in your past sexual experience you can choose to change how you move from here. Together we can look at what has worked and not worked for you, to create a new expression of your sexual self.

Awakening your ‘inner wild’ – as women we are shape shifters, one day we may feel deeply in tune and another falling into a lonesome inner reflection and so on. We can also get stuck in being a certain type of personality that keeps us safe but also keeps us restricted and often frustrated, with a yearning to break out! So being able to flow through the myriad ways to express from the wild to the coy can set this free.

Learning effective, powerful, yet simple practices – this work builds a foundation of sensual awareness and sexual energy by practising simple exercises that even the busiest women can weave into their daily life. Some of the practices can even be done whilst driving or on the bus – imagine sitting on the tube, silent, eyes closed, nobody will know that you are revelling in orgasmic bliss!

With a heart full of inspiration,

Kalindi x


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