For the British Holistic Medical Association (BHMA) Journal Volume 14 issue 2 Summer 2017
Rewiring our body to Pleasure
by Kalindi Jordan


I am the creator and facilitator of sensuality courses and sexual healing processes for women & couples. I also teach emotional intelligence around sexual intimacy to teenagers.
I have been in the world of complementary health since 1993 when, at age 17, I trained in anatomy, physiology and massage. Now, at age 41, I have had 24 years of exploring the world of touch with the last 7 years being more focused around sexuality and communication.
It gives me great joy to see the transformation that is possible. When a woman feels safe to express her sexual appetite, free from pain and discomfort and she is met in relationship in a satisfying way, this massively increases her enjoyment and quality of life, her ability to mother and
her creative energy.

Extract: As a creator and facilitator of sensuality courses, the author’s experience of people’s sexual life convinces her that many feel disconnected and unsatisfied. She proposes that sexual confidence and joyful expression have a healing effect on many areas of life: on the other hand that suppression, restrictions and shame of these natural process can lead to disharmony. The article considers the long-term influence of early sexual experiences, how we might re-educate ourselves effectively, and briefly explores how arousal differs between men and women.

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