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The Art of The Sensual Woman – Embody Your Female Essence

Sensual ShowerThe Female Essence that lives inside every woman has an energetic and magnetic quality that makes her feel attractive, healthy, radiant, sensual and grounded.

When a woman awakens to her unique Female Essence and consciously embodies it, then her world becomes one of wonder, sensuality and sacredness. She effortlessly experiences presence, compassion and a quiet inner confidence and naturally exudes this – she is happy to be herself and no longer needs to pretend.

She is able to attract and keep a passionate lasting love as well as vibrant health and a sense of fulfilment. She no longer needs to compete with other women.

This is your time to shine your magnificence to the world

In this one-day workshop I will guide you through simple yet powerful techniques to:

  • Embody and celebrate your unique expression of love

  • Become more present and emotionally balanced

  • Develop and nurture your feminine essence

  • Reconnect to and explore your sensuality and sexuality

  • Experience more passion in your life

  • Be more confident and radiant

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Day flow :

9.45am – Arrive

10am start – Welcome and connecting

10.30am – Morning session

12 midday – Break

12.15pm – Mid morning session with questions and answers

1pm – Lunch

2pm – Afternoon session

3.30pm – Break

3.45pm – Completion session and final sharing

5pm – Finish