About Kalindi

I love the simple and subtleties of life, I love being grounded and practical as well as delving deep into mysteries. If I am taught something or told something I want to find out what it does for myself especially before I teach it with others. I have flowed from being a very shy child to an adventure seeking teenager, mother, broken woman unsafe in her body to the woman I am today full of vibrance, love, inner confidence and a passion to share.

Between¬†the ages of 18 and 21 I lived with a Kundalini Master. Through devoted personal practice, many ‘awakenings’ and nearly two decades of exploring my own and others energy I have gained deep understanding of the human energy system. I have an ever deepening understanding of human psychology and sexual nature. In my day to day life I incorporate wisdom from the paths of Taoism, Tantra, Vedic mysticism, devotion, bodywork, psychology and being present with life as it unfolds in the moment.

Pete WarnockMy partner, Pete and I have been together since January 2008 when life drew us together in India. We instantly opened to each other sharing and pooling our talents and gifts. Together we keep creating wonderful inner and outer adventures Рnot all comfortable but always worth it.  We both have children from previous partners with whom we weave our lives Рmostly in harmony and sometimes navigating the challenges that arise. Our way is to always open to love, to encourage and support each other to meet those parts that sometimes shadow our love. Together we are consciously living in love.

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