Welcome to The Art of the Sensual Woman

Deep down many women’s hearts are aching, they long to be totally met by themselves and by another. Part of them yearns to explore their deepest sensual and sexual nature. They are often unfulfilled, feel unappreciated and don’t experience their true glory as women. Their bodies have to some extent tightened or closed up, inhibiting their pleasure, restricting their orgasms, closing their hearts, causing sadness, loneliness, isolation, physical and emotional pain and in many cases causing dis-ease in the body.

Lonely womanDo you long to attract to you a deeply fulfilling loving relationship?

Do you feel unsafe to open in your sexual body?

Do you pull away from intimate situations?

Do you feel disconnected from your deep sensual/sexual nature?

Humans are amazing creations and one of the wonderful qualities we have is that we have the ability to change! So whatever situation we are in we can change it. You can choose to take this opportunity to deepen your confidence and enjoy pleasure in your body so that you can share authentically who you are.

I run courses, day workshops, groups and one-to-one sessions with women to teach them how to come back to a full embodied experience with the creative, sensual beauty and vibrance that they are.

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What others are saying…

womanFrom the moment I met Kalindi I was instantly magnetised to her. My first thought was, “I want what she’s got”. I wanted to bring out that same powerful sensual feminine energy in myself. Working with Kalindi is a one-of-a-kind experience of diving deep into the feminine practices. The growth, healing and expansion that comes with this work is incredible. Throughout the course she held a very strong safe space where I started reconnecting with my body and my sexual energy, healing old wounds and releasing blockages. I am now equipped with all the practices I need to keep doing this work myself. I wholeheartedly recommend Kalindi to every woman wishing to tap into the power of her sensual sexual energy.”    Asselle